First Responder Appreciation Dinner


The Piggly Wiggly in Bailey spent an afternoon honoring southern Nash County’s police and emergency personnel at a lunch on Wednesday, July 11.

“A few months ago we started planning with our retail group a way that we could show our appreciation to first responders, police departments, ems, and fire departments,” explained Matt Roman, Store Supervisor. “We really wanted to focus on first responders, emergency personnel, police, and their families. A lot of times that’s a thankless job. It’s turned out really well.”

The store’s vendors joined in the event. “The Piggly Wiggly group has partnered with North Carolina Department of Agriculture,” Roman said, “and we have different vendors: Bright Leaf, Stevens Sausage, Sunset Farms, Springer Mountain Chicken, Hostess. They all came together and donated all the stuff, and here we are.”

Representatives from each of those vendors were on hand to cook and prepare lunch for public safety personnel and their families. “They do a lot for the neighborhood and everybody that shops at Piggly Wiggly,” said William Dawson of Springer Mountain Chicken. “We’re just trying to give back a little bit.”

Randy Maness, from the Marketing Division of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, explained the NCDOA’s involvement with the lunch. “We support Piggly Wiggly in their efforts to buy local products. They buy a lot of local products on the grocery side as well as the produce side. They’ve chosen this year to honor our law enforcement, rescue squads, fire departments. They go out every day and risk their lives to keep us safe and healthy,” Maness said. “Piggly Wiggly buys a lot of local produce and also supports our farmers, and in the Department of Agriculture, that’s our mission, to help our farmers and our processed foods companies thrive in today’s economy. Piggly Wiggly has always been a staunch supporter of our local companies, and we’re here as a support for them.”

Bailey Fire Chief Tim Wilson promoted the event and invited law enforcement and emergency personnel in southern Nash County to join them at the Green Hornets fire station. “We appreciate the things that the Piggly Wiggly does for the community and the fire department,” he said.

In addition to the lunch, Piggly Wiggly and the NCDOA gave out small gifts, and the Pig was on hand to welcome families.