Alex Whitley - Fireman of the Year 2018

Congratulations to Alex Whitley for receiving Fireman of the Year for 2018. Alex has been with the department for 5 years and is a great asset to the department and community.

1949 Fire Truck

Bailey Fire Department's first fire truck made it debut at the annual Christmas parade on Saturday after being restored.  It was purchased new in 1949 as a first out pumper with 500 gallon per minute pump and 500 gallons of water.  It was modified in 1964 to carry 1000 gallons of water.  In 1984 it was replaced and removed from service. The restoration project began two years ago. We still have some work to do but the major task have been completed. We would like to thank the community for the support and donations to make this project a success.

Bailey Fire Department Assist with Water Rescue



Police have identified a Wilson man who is thought to have drowned at Lake Wilson on Wednesday.

Jeremy M. Tyler, 32, has been the subject of a search ever since he jumped into the lake near the dam late Wednesday afternoon.

Witnesses said Tyler jumped into the water and was overtaken by the water’s currents.

According to a news release from Wilson police spokesman Sgt. Steven Stroud, officers were dispatched to Lake Wilson at 4:21 p.m. Wednesday regarding a possible drowning.

When officers arrived, they spoke to reporting parties who stated that Tyler voluntarily went into the water and was overtaken by the water’s current,” Stroud said in the release.

Stroud said first responders began rescue operations but were unable to locate the victim.

Searchers used personal watercraft downstream from the spillway at the Lake Wilson dam and walked along the water’s edge.

Current was swift in the area due to recent heavy rains.

The search for Tyler went on all night Wednesday through Thursday morning and was discontinued in the evening Thursday.

The Wilson Police Department, Wilson Fire/Rescue Services, Wilson County EMS, Wilson County Emergency Management and the Bailey Volunteer Fire Department provided assistance with search operations downstream from the lake to the Elizabeth Heights subdivision but could not locate Tyler.

The investigation into the incident has determined that Tyler voluntarily went into the water and was overcome by the heavy current flowing from the dam,” Stroud said in the release. “The high volume of water flowing from the dam hindered operations yesterday. Today, with the assistance of the city of Wilson Water Department, water levels were dropped so that search/rescue operations could proceed safely and accurately.”

Stroud said Lake Wilson was closed to the public while rescue operations were underway but now that the search has been discontinued, the lake has reopened.

It’s sad,” said Dean Etheridge, of Wilson, who knew Tyler.

He was 32, but he had the mentality of a 20-year-old. He did what he thought would be fun at the moment.”

Etheridge said last Tuesday he let Tyler stay in a small house in Etheridge’s yard in exchange for Tyler painting the inside of the building.

Tyler liked to fish and would often do so at Lake Wilson.

Etheridge said he called Tyler’s mother at 9 o’clock Wednesday evening to report what had happened.

Etheridge said Tyler wasn’t employed but he was a smart worker.

He’d go around and ask people in the neighborhoods if they needed work and people allowed him to do work,” Etheridge said.

It’s tragic,” Etheridge said. “I would say he was as happy as he had been in a long time. I hope when the water goes down, they find him.”

Police ask anyone with information about the incident to call 252-399-2323 or call Crime Stoppers at 252-243-2255.




Bailey Fire Department Opens Station 2

Second Bailey Fire Station Already Paying Dividends

MULTI-TASKER — New combination fire/rescue/extrication truck at the new Bailey Volunteer Fire Department #2 on West Hornes Church Road. The new station will also serve as a fire training facility in partnership with Nash Community College. (Enterprise photo by Cone.)
Thu, Jul 13, 2017

The Bailey Volunteer Fire Department has added a second station, a new truck, and is in the process of building a fire training ground — and area residents are already seeing the rewards financially.

Bailey’s new satellite station on West Hornes Church Road had its open house last weekend but actually opened last November, bringing additional coverage to an area of the county known as “no man’s land” where multiple rural fire department districts come together or approach county lines.

Since November, the area has seen its Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating drop from as high as nine down to four in the rural areas and three within the Town of Bailey.

“We are one of only two all-volunteer departments in the entire state that has an in-town ISO rating of three,” said Bailey Fire Chief Tim Wilson. “Some residents have seen a 27 percent decrease in their fire insurance premium because of us adding this station.”

The station has also added a new “combo” truck to its fleet of 13 fire apparatus. The new truck can serve as a pumper, rescue truck, and extrication truck all at once.

“Previously if you went on a bad wreck call, you had to roll three different trucks; now we only have to roll one, and it has all the capabilities of the other three trucks combined,” Wilson said. “That means less man-power needed and the equipment gets to the scene quicker. That gives us three trucks that can respond to other calls that would have previously been tied up at a single wreck call.”

The “new” truck is actually a 2000 model that is in excellent condition. Purchased new, the truck would have had a potential price tag of half a million dollars, making it an unrealistic goal for a rural department.

“When we finish outfitting it, we will have an excellent piece of equipment at right around $75,000 serving the Bailey area,” Wilson said. The combo truck is assigned to the new station.

Also in the works at the new station is the first fire training ground in Nash County outside of Rocky Mount. The new training ground is being assembled behind the new Bailey station and will include a two-story burn building and a two-part burn cell.

“We formed a partnership with Nash Community College to have a full training facility in the southern end of the county. That means departments like ours, Middlesex, Ferrells, Sims, and other area departments can have regular required training without having to take several trucks and most of the firemen out of the area to Wilson or Rocky Mount,” Wilson said. “This keeps manpower and equipment close to home and allows departments to be able to respond to their calls.”

The new training facility will also include a state of the art training room with large televisions and Wi-Fi.

“The facility will be open to all area departments for training, this is a real plus for this end of the county,” Wilson said. The training facility is scheduled to be completed and in operation by the end of this year.

The open house was also used to raise money to help restore the original 1949 Bailey Fire Department fire truck, which has been in storage for many years since being taken out of service.